Montag, 3. September 2012

THH Records - New Release: THH008/009 Digger & The Pussycats: Euro-tour-singles I + II 7"

THH008 Digger & The Pussycats: Euro-tour-single I 7"
Songs: "Better Listen Up Good" b/w "Nice To Your Body"
Euro-Tour-7inch (co-release with P.Trash Records)
Releasedate: September 2012
250 pieces blue vinyl (Timmeheiehumme edition)
350 pieces yellow vinyl (P.Trash edition)

THH009 Digger & The Pussycats: Euro-tour-single II 7"
Songs: "Real Hard Time" b/w "Hope You Don't Mind About Your Sister"
Euro-Tour-7inch (co-release with P.Trash Records)
Releasedate: September 2012
250 pieces green vinyl (Timmeheiehumme edition)
350 pieces red vinyl (P.Trash edition)

Price: 4,- Euro per copy for the Timmeheiehumme-editions (postage not included)
(If you have a distro please ask for wholesale-prices.)

Check the streamed songs and the Euro-tourdates at the end of this post!!!

If you need further info, here you get it:
DIGGER & THE PUSSYCATS is just a dumb-arse 2-piece rock and roll band who have aged considerably since their first P.Trash Record way back in 2005. Their waistlines and man-boobs have developed, but their music has not. They haven't tried to re-invent the wheel with these new tracks, but they're definitely DIGGER songs that could easily slip onto any of their previous albums/singles. If you like the band you'll like the songs. If you don't like them, then save your money for the next Timmeheiehumme release, which will probably be a whole lot better than these two singles.
What do the new songs sound like? Consider it rock and roll with a bit of shabang! Moronic lyrics feature in the two songs drummer Andy sings. The two songs that guitarist Sam sings have slightly more intelligent lyrics, but not by much. Lyrical subject matter includes being taught by your father how to seduce women in the same way that he seduced your mother / taking a trip to Italy and being fortunate enough to find yourself at a Bunga Bunga party at Berlusconi's house / following Jesus' wishes to do unto others' bodies as you would have them do unto your own body / having inappropriate relations with your best friend's sister and hoping the he'll still let you stay at his holiday house.
On the pic above you see the front cover for each of the two tour-7"s. When they sit side by side, you can see the words "digger" and "pussy" running through the artwork to make it join up like the puzzle!
The artwork was done by Vanessa Imberger and features Andy's daughter's Grandmother in a bikini on a motorbike holding up a dead snake that she killed with a shovel. True story. Now if that ain't Australian, I don't know what is? They're all Crocodile Hunters down here. DIGGER & THE PUSSYCATS is about to come over to Europe on tour too, so check out our dates below and have a beer with the guys at a show somewhere near you. And if you don't like them, you can come down and bash 'em in the toilets…but only if you buy both of these new records.
Check out DIGGER & THE PUSSYCATS on the mighty interweb, too:
And here are the tourdates:
06-09-2012: Münster (DE) @ Gleis 22 "Tour 7"es Release Party!!!"
07-09-2012: Amsterdam (NL) @ Pacific Parc
08-09-2012: Wolfsburg (DE) @ Sauna Klub
09-09-2012: Berlin (DE) @ Cortina Bob
10-09-2012: Leipzig (DE) @ Zoro
11-09-2012: Dresden (DE) @ Ostpol
12-09-2012: Tilburg (NL) @ Incubate
13-09-2012: Darmstadt (DE) @ Bessunger Knabenschule
14-09-2012: Karlsruhe (DE) @ Alte Hackerei
15-09-2012: Stuttgart (DE) @ Goldmarks
16-09-2012: Mannheim (DE) @ Blau
17-09-2012: Gent (BE) @ Cafe Video
18-09-2012: Cologne (DE) @ Sonic Ballroom
19-09-2012: Hamburg (DE) @ Hafenklang
20-09-2012: Groningen (NL) @ Vera
21-09-2012: Haarlem (NL) @ Patronaat
22-09-2012: Kortrijk (BE) @ De Pits
23-09-2012: Utrecht (NL) @ dBs

You can listen to the all the new songs here:

Montag, 30. Juli 2012

CRKO Fanzine: Shirts Shirts Shirts!!!

Hey! In the second week of August 2012 we'll print some CRKO Fanzine t-shirts. The print will be silkscreenend white on black shirt. The shirts will look like in the picture below. If you wanna preorder a shirt just write a mail with your size and we'll print a shirt for you, too! Costs will be 10,- Euro for the shirt (postage/shipping not included).
All preorders that come in until August 5 will be printed. We also print some more shirts of the most common sizes
To preorder write a mail to:

Donnerstag, 5. Juli 2012

THH Records - New Releases: THH008 + THH009 DIGGER AND THE PUSSYCATS 7inches


Hey friends, we've got a new release coming! Well, actually it's a double feature: Two Euro-tour-7inches for our Australian friends of DIGGER & THE PUSSYCATS!!!!

- THH008: DIGGER & THE PUSSYCATS - Better Listen Up Good (Europe-Tour Part 1) 7"
- THH009: DIGGER & THE PUSSYCATS - Real Hard Time (Europe-Tour Part 2) 7"

All in all 4 new ripping songs by Sam and Andy! It's a co-release with P.Trash Records and there will be all kindsa colored vinyl for all you record-collector-nerds out there! ;) More infos soon, and don't forget to see the mighty DIGGER AND THE PUSSYCATS on tour!!! Here are the dates (for details check the homepage of Sedate Bookings):

06-09-2012:     Münster (DE) @ Gleis 22
07-09-2012:     Amsterdam (NL) @ Pacific Parc    
08-09-2012:     Wolfsburg (DE) @ Sauna Klub    
09-09-2012:     Berlin (DE) @ Cortina Bob    
10-09-2012:     Leipzig (DE) @ Zoro    
11-09-2012:     Dresden (DE) @ Ostpol    
12-09-2012:     Tilburg (NL) @ Incubate    
13-09-2012:     Darmstadt (DE) @ Bessunger Knabenschule    
14-09-2012:     Karlsruhe (DE) @ Alte Hackerei    
15-09-2012:     Stuttgart (DE) @ Goldmarks    
16-09-2012:     Mannheim (DE) @ Blau    
17-09-2012:     Gent (BE) @ Cafe Video    
18-09-2012:     Cologne (DE) @ Sonic Ballroom    
19-09-2012:     Hamburg (DE) @ Hafenklang    
20-09-2012:     Groningen (NL) @ Vera    
21-09-2012:     Haarlem (NL) @ Patronaat
22-09-2012:     Kortrijk (BE) @ De Pits    
23-09-2012:     Utrecht (NL) @ dBs

Here's an older video of those blokes! Song is not featured on the new 7inches, but the new songs will rip even more!!!

Montag, 2. April 2012

THH Records - New Release: THH006 Mother's Children: See the Other Guy 7"

THH006 Mother's Children: See The Other Guy 7"
Euro-Tour-7inch (co-release with P.Trash Records)
Releasedate: Spring 2012
250 pieces green vinyl (Timmeheiehumme edition)
250 pieces clear vinyl (P.Trash edition)
Check their Euro-tourdates at the end of this post and see 'em live with MONDO RAY!
Hot off the release of the highly praised "Are You Tough Enough?" Mini LP, comes 2 brand new Power Pop crunchers from Mother’s Children. Since the release of their 2010 debut LP "That’s Who", we’ve seen Ma’s Kids go from stomping Glam Rock, to bubblegum smacking Pop, to pub-rocking proto-Punk and back again without skipping a beat. On this teaser of a single, they achieve pure Pop perfection 1979-style, bringing up comparisons to 20/20, The Plimsouls, Twilley/Seymour, The Shoes, Stiv Bators, and Gary Valentine.

Mother’s Children are coming out with a caliber Power Pop, unlike any other band in Canada right now, and they have all the amazing hooks, the brilliant harmonies, and the necessary skills to be the best in the business. Mother's Children have toured U.S.A. and Canada with Paul Collins’ Beat, The Biters, and The Barreracudas, and In May 2012, just in time for their new single, they embark on their first European Tour with Germany’s Mondo Ray. TermBo sez: "Absolutely bursting with exuberant hooks, liberal sprinklings of glitter and power-pop with some actual power."

EURO TOUR 2012: Mother's Children + Mondo Ray
fr May 04 Tübingen – Epplehaus GER
sa May 05 Weinsberg - Jugendhaus GER
su May 06 Berlin – Cortina Bob GER start 5pm!
mo May 07 Hamburg - Molotow Bar GER
we May 09 Kortrijk – The Pits BEL
th May 10 Paris - La Miroiterie FRA
fr May 11 Sant Feliu - TZVR ESP
sa May 12 Madrid – Wurlitzer Ballroom ESP
su May 13 Oviedo - Nunca Jamas ESP
mo May 14 Toulouse - Le Cri De La Mouette FRA
tu May 15 Villadossola - Titty Twister IT
we May 16 Piacenza - Spazio 4 IT
th May 17 Zagreb - Spunk CRO
fr May 18 Munich – Kafe Kult GER
sa May 19 Passau – ZAKK GER

Listen to the songs here:

Montag, 26. März 2012

THH Records - New Release: THH007 Brat Farrar: From Paris To Kabul 7"

THH007 Brat Farrar: From Paris To Kabul 7"
Releasedate: Spring 2012
400 pieces red vinyl
100 pieces clear vinyl (exclusive for P.Trash club-members)

THH007 - BRAT FARRAR: From Paris to Kabul 7" - In the middle you see the regular version on red wax. To the left one of the 100 copies in clear wax, for members of the P.Trash Records club only! To the right the testpressing of the record. Each copy will come with a sticker of the mighty CRKO Fanzine.

BRAT FARRAR is the new DIY-project/band of Australian wunderkind Sam Agostino. You know him from awesome outfits like DIGGER AND THE PUSSYCATS, KAMIKAZE TRIO or RUSSIAN ROULETTES! After sculpting his debut record (released on P.Trash Records) for several months BRAT FARRAR returned to the studio to smash out "From Paris to Kabul" his first ­follow-up single! This 7inch is also the tour-record for the BRAT FARRAR European tour from March 22 until April 30!

The song "From Paris to Kabul" shows a more metallic yet melodic edge than BRAT FARRAR’s previous releases and is yet another step in the evolution of BRAT FARRAR. Dig that punching bassline and freak out! On the flip "I Don't Care" shows BRAT FARRAR drawing his line in the sand and giving a solid middle finger salute to just about everything. A perfect bone-dry garage-rocksong, like only Australians can do it. The chorus will follow you for weeks! When your boss bullies you ... your girlfriend ran away ... and your beer is empty ... I don’t care!!! You can listen to the songs of this release here:

Go see BRAT FARRAR live on his Euro-tour 2012!!! The band already played a few shows, here are the other dates:

Monday 26-Mar Brussells Café DNA
Tuesday 27-Mar FRANCE - HELP HELP!!!!
Wednesday 28-Mar Paris La Mécanique Ondulatoire
Thursday 29-Mar Paris
Friday 30-Mar Rennes (FR) Le Sambre
Saturday 31-Mar Lorient (FR) Le Gallion
Sunday 1-Apr Nantes (FR) Stakhanov
Monday 2-Apr FRANCE - HELP HELP!!!!
Tuesday 3-Apr Bordaux (FR) St Ex
Wednesday 4-Apr FRANCE - HELP HELP!!!!
Thursday 5-Apr Nice (FR) Concert Chez Moi
Friday 6-Apr Nice (FR) Le Volume
Saturday 7-Apr Toulouse (FR)
Sunday 8-Apr Castellon (SPA)
Monday 9-Apr Valencia (SPA)
Tuesday 10-Apr DAY OFF DAY OFF
Wednesday 11-Apr Valencia (SPA)
Thursday 12-Apr Madrid (SPA)
Friday 13-Apr Santander (SPA)
Saturday 14-Apr San Sebastian (SPA)
Sunday 15-Apr Barcelona (SPA)
Monday 16-Apr FRANCE - HELP HELP!!!!
Tuesday 17-Apr Annecy (FR) Le Comptoir de la Folie Ordinaire
Wednesday 18-Apr Mannheim (GER) Blau
Thursday 19-Apr Heidelberg (GER) Villa Nachttanz
Friday 20-Apr Stuttgart (GER) Goldmarks
Saturday 21-Apr Kassel (GER) Das Haus
Sunday 22-Apr Berlin (GER) Cortina Bob
Monday 23-Apr Ilmenau (GER) Tuesday 24-Apr Hamburg (GER) Komet
Wednesday 25-Apr Munster (GER) Gleis 22
Thursday 26-Apr Eindhoven (NL) Altstadt
Friday 27-Apr Utrecht (NL) DBs
Saturday 28-Apr Groningen (NL) Vera Downstage
Sunday 29-Apr Den Helder (NL) Crossover Royale
Monday 30-Apr Venlo (NL) Queensday Festival (Early)
Monday 30-Apr Cologne (DE) Sonic Ballroom (Late)

Coming soon on THH Records:
  • MOTHER'S CHILDREN - Euro-tour-7" (Co-Release with P.Trash Records)
  • CRKO Fanzine #3 incl. awesome 7inch (late summer / early fall 2012)

Dienstag, 10. Januar 2012

THH Records: More reviews from "High Heels Slut" Fanzine #11

I Remember How/Born On A Saturday Night (Timmeheiehumme / P Trash-7”)
RU Mental/Please Write (Dirtnap-7”)

Lotsa bands that embark on a tour together end up selling a split record between both of ’em. Very few bands though have two different split records for sale, and that’s quite exactly the fact with the Mean Jeans and White Wires. On the Timmeheiehumme/P Trash 45 both bands dive head first into a hit song by the other band. It doesn’t necessarily beat the original, but it gets a-movin’. The Dirtnap 45 have the Mean Jeans storming through “R U Mental”, a great tune that could have been a cover song of a Marked Men track that somehow fell off their debut album. Just to say it’s fucking great!! “Please Write” by the White Wires is a slower to mid tempo kinda power pop song that still has enough grit to please our dirty mind. Good song, but overall the Mean Jeans beat the Canucks though.

European Tour 2011 (P Trash/Timmeheiehumme-7”)

When both Canadian bands toured Europe earlier this year they brought along this piece o’ wax to their merch stand. Steve Adamyk Band sounds a lil’ rawer on these recordings than on their previous releases and it suits ‘em pretty well. Next to a neat original they also do a cool job on “Eternal Isolation” off the great Idle Hands debut 7”. More powerpop is to be found on the flip with the Sonic Avenues, though the stress is more on the pop here. Also one original and a cover for them (a Sweet Baby tune). Not bad, but I guess I’ll play this only when it’s around 30 °C outside. SAB gets my preference.

Sleeping With The Stereo On (Timmeheiehumme-7”)

Sleeping with the stereo on, well, that happens from time to time, though in my case it’s mostly with the TV on, but let’s not get into that. The Zygoteens hail from Milwaukee, WI and feature Jake from the great Gut Reactions on guitar. Zygoteens crank out some highly energetic, catchy punk tunes, bringing to mind the very first Manikins 7”. There’s also a constant Undertones feeling, that really surfaces in the opening riff of “Wait And See”. All of this shit was captured on tape in a powerful way by Bob Burns (from the Breakups). The label is by the way run by the guy from Corporate Rock Knock Out zine, so this guy is totally in the right shit. And thank god I’m not American to pronounce the name of his label correctly! But, what’s most important, this is a cool effort all over that for sure could cause some turmoil in the underground!

CRKO Fanzine: Reviews from "High Heels Slut Fanzine" #11

Raving reviews on the CRKO Fanzine and the related 7inches by our friend Wim from Belgium. He finally made the issue 11 of his "High Heels Slut" Fanzine. Great read, you can buy it in our distro-list, too!

Being put together by a former Ox fanzine contributor this zine has all you’re looking for in a thrilling R’n’R zine. If you dig the bands we dig here at the HHS hq you’ll for sure get your kicks flipping through the pages of CRKO. New Bomb Turks, Mean Jeans, Zodiac Killers, Sedatives, Ghetto Ways, Wau Y Los Arrrghs, Gorilla Angreb, ... or labelwise FDH, Douchemaster and Squoodge, Bernd obviously benefits from a similar taste in music, which also shows from the extensive review section. Add to that the fact you’re dealing with a fat smoker on A4 size (72 pages for #0 and a whoppin’ 96 for #1!) that comes in great layout AND yet get a 7” with the zine (Steve Adamyk Band and Glow Kit, check the record reviews) and you’re in for a great deal all over. #0 still is half German/half English written, but from #1 it’s all in English, so anyone from anywhere should be able to enjoy this great effort. Oh, and each issue has a R’n’R related story on food, too. Laughed my ass off with “The European Tourfood Guide” in which Andy from Digger & The Pussycats judges the meals they were served while being on the road!! If you think HHS is cool – thanx a lot – there’s no way you can miss out on CRKO, as it’s even way more cool!

Speed It Up/20/20 (P Trash-7”) => comes with CRKO #0
Kapow! Bamm! (P Trash-LP)

I’m not really into people using their name for their band, but apart from that Steve Adamyk (also active in the Sedatives, just like 3/4 of the SAB) does a pretty cool deal. With his band he dishes up a pretty addictive, contagious set of powerpop that should get anyone into the Statues, Test Patterns or Marked Men get off his ass. The “Speed It Up” 7” came with the first issue of the CRKO zine and contains one song of the album and one exclusive track. The album takes off in a brilliant way with the great “I Fought For The USA” and keeps on pleasing with stuff like “Not For Too Long”, “I’ll Take You Anywhere” or “Your Only One”. If you’re into this kinda stuff you’d better pick this shit up before it gets outta print.

Television Too + 3 (P Trash-7”) => comes with CRKO #1

With just two issues the Corporate Rock Knock Out fanzine has already secured its place amongst our very fave current day zines. And the fact they feature a 7” with every issue only ads to my excitement. In Denmark there’s a lot of poppunk going on that really can’t hold my attention. I know the 20 Belows are doing great in the poppunk scene, but it really beats me. Glow Kit also has a poppy undertone, but the rollin’ bass and uptight drums make sure the energy level stays on a high without ending up cheesy. The record sleeve actually glows in the dark, but that’s something I only found out months later and by accident.

We Can’t Dance (P Trash-7”)
Radio Off (P Trash-7”) => comes with CRKO #2

After a killer album on P Trash these krauts are back again with two blistering 7”s. It’s uptight, nervous basic punkrawk that catches you like the very early days of the Marked Men or Manikins, hooked up with some raw Stiff Little Fingers riffs, like on the great “Kicks & Screams”. Fourteen inches, seven tracks. It will move your ass without sounding sugary or lame, I’ll tell you that!

Freitag, 6. Januar 2012

CRKO Fanzine: review by "Useless Fanzine"

Another review by the German "Useless Fanzine" and yet another real good one. This time they wrote some lines on CRKO Fanzine #2:

International Punkrock-Fanzine # 2, 9 €

Nachdem ich bereits drei 7” Scheiben aus dem Hause Bernd Fischer besprochen habe, komme ich endlich zu seinem Corporate Rock Knockout – International Punkrock-Fanzine. Ein DIN A 4 Hochglanz Heft durchgängig in englischer Sprache mit einer Auflage von 500 Stck. Erinnert von der Aufmachung her an das OX Fanzine, bei dem Bernd viele Jahre geschrieben hat.
Und wie es sich für Fanzines dieser Liga gehört, liegt auch Musik bei. Allerdings nicht einfach eine CD, sondern eine 7“ Vinylscheibe von THE TOYOTAS (P.Trash Records). Übrigens eine richtig gute Punkscheibe. Mit dieser Band gibt es am  Heftende auch ein langes Interview. Das Heft ist 80 Seiten stark und hat einiges zu bieten. Gleich auf den ersten Seiten gibt es ein aufwendig gemachtes 17 seitiges (!) Special über Punkrock in Kanada mit Interviews (NOMEANSNO und IAN MANHIRE), kurzen Band Bios und einem Überblick über die Geschichte und dem heutigen Stand der Szene.
Eigentlich gehören die nächsten Artikel auch noch zum Thema Kanada, etwa die zehn Seiten handschriftliches Tour-Tagebuch von THE WHITE WIRE und MEAN JEANS oder das Interview mit der kanadischen Band STRANGE ATTRACTOR. Allein für dieses Kanada Special mit allem drum herum lohnt sich das Heft schon. Aber da ist einiges mehr drin. Noch mehr Bandinterviews: RIVERDALES, BAD SPORTS, MODERRN PETS, CYANID PILLS, KIDNAPPERS oder TY SEGALL. Ein großer Haufen an Plattenbesprechungen, mit zwei extra Seiten Metal. Ein Heft voll mit vielen spannenden Sachen. Für solch ein umfangreiches, aufwendig gemachtes Heft mit einer Vinylscheibe ist der Preis von 9 € total in Ordnung.
Unglaublich, das Bernd solch ein Heft nach Feierabend in DIY auf die Beine stellt. Respekt, das kann nur echte Begeisterung für den Punkrock sein.
Das CORPORATE ROCK KNOCKOUT Fanzine ist ohne Einschränkungen zu empfehlen, allerdings nur für Leute die gut englische Texte lesen können.
Uwe Bräutigam

THH Records: 3 reviews by "Useless Fanzine"

Three very nice reviews in German for the latest releases on THH records, by "Useless Fanzine"! Thanx a lot! If you can't understand German just copy and paste everything to the Google-translator, that's very funny sometimes... ^^

THE ZYGOTEENS – sleeping with the stereo on
(Timmeheiehumme Records)

Eine weiteres Stück Tafelsilber von Bernd Fischer. Die ZYGOTEENS sind ein Trio aus Milwaukee und spielen schnellen melodiösen Poppunk. Die Texte der Band sind aus der amerikanischen Fastfood Welt und handeln von Versagen und Nichts-auf-die-Reihe bekommen.
Die Textzeile „If I had a chance I probably missed it“ aus dem Song „Missed My Chance“  sagt alles über die Texte der vier Songs. Trotz dieser I´m a Loser Baby Texte kommen die Songs schnell und locker daher. Die Stücke sind flott und gut gespielt und haben Ohrwurmpotential.
Es gibt die Scheiben in zwei Varianten, 400 Stück Vinyl mit buntem Cover mit Cartoon Cover und 100 Stück als Sonderauflage mit Silkscreen Cover auf schwarzer Pappe mit einem anderem Artwork. Mir liegt nur die Ausgabe mit buntem Cover vor, die ganz ansprechend gestaltet ist und die Texte auf den Innenseiten hat. Wie immer ist alles von Bernd Fischer selbst gestaltet. Wieder ein schönes Stück mit ansprechender Musik. Sammlerstück.
Uwe Bräutigam

TERRIBLE FEELINGS – tied up, b/w no meanings
(Timmeheiehumme Records)

Die Schweden versorgen uns weiter mit guter Musik. TERRIBLE FEELINGS, ein Quartett aus Südschwedens Metropole Malmö hat sich im Herbst 2009 zusammengefunden. Die Vier sind in den Zwanzigern und haben vorher in diversen Bands gespielt. Sie haben die Band gegründet um eine eigene unverkennbare Musik zu spielen. Das ist ihnen mit dieser Single auf jeden Fall gelungen. Sie machen frischen Powerpop mit einem Schuss Indie. Die Musik sitzt und die Stimme der Sängerin Manuela gibt den Songs das richtige Feeling für die Teenage-Angst Texte. Die Musik ist gut abgemischt, der Sound stimmt. Eine großartige Debütsingle.
Das Artwork ist, wie von Bernd Fischer gewohnt, wieder sehr schön gestaltet. Das Cover ist beidseitig bedruckt und enthält auch die Texte der Songs. Da die Platte nicht nur mir gut gefallen hat, gibt es die Scheibe schon in zweiter Auflage (1. Auflage 500). Diese Single von TERRIBLE FEELINGS ist ein gutes Stück Powerpop oder Poppunk oder anyway aus Schweden. Hitverdächtig. Zugreifen.
Uwe Bräutigam

(Timmeheiehumme Records)

Eine kleine Perle aus dem Hause von Bernd Fischer (hat früher beim OX Fanzine mitgearbeitet) und seinen Timmeheiehumme Records. Auf diesem Label erscheinen echt coole Teile, trotz des total blöden Namens (stammt der von Stefan Raab?).  Eine Split der GOLDEN HELMETS mit den JIZZLOBBERS, beides Bands aus der Kölner Szene.
Die GOLDEN HELMETS stehen für 60`s Garagepunk mit Farfisa Orgel. Und genau das liefern sie mit den beiden Stücken ab, trashige unpolierte 60`s Mucke vom Feinsten. Sie haben es geschafft mit beiden Stücken die Energie rüberzubringen, die sie bei ihren Liveshows haben.
Die Kollegen von den JIZZLOBBERS gehen nicht ganz bis in die 60s zurück, sondern spielen oldschool 77er Punk mit einem kräftigen Schuss Rock`n´Roll. Ihre beiden Songs sind also etwas schneller im Tempo, aber genauso schnörkellos und direkt. Im ersten Song geben sie den Toten Hosen die Schuld am Tod von Johnny Thunder, da er mit ihrem Scheck seine Überdosis bezahlt habe. „Dead Trousers killed Johnny Thunder“ heißt der Song. Und Johnny Thunder fühlen sich die JIZZLOBBERS auch musikalisch verpflichtet.
Bernd Fischer macht auch das Artwork selber und gestaltet die Platten sehr liebevoll, obwohl mir hier das Cover nicht so gut gefällt, wie bei den anderen Scheiben. Zugreifen Leute, gute Musik in feiner Verpackung. Echte kleine Sammlerstücke.
Uwe Bräutigam