General Info / Orders

I'm kinda dumb with internet-things, so I'm not clever enough to built a fancy webshop. If you have questions just write a mail: crkozine(at)gmail(dot)com

International customers: The worldwide distro is managed by Peter at P.Trash Records. Please visit his homepage and place your order there:
He carries all our releases and he also knows much better than me about international shipping and stuff like that.

German customers can place orders directly to me. I don't do many trades, cuz I don't have a own distro. If you wanna trade I only take small amounts of each record and ... I have to LIKE the music!

General prices (including German VAT, postage not included):
Zine + 7inch = 9,00 EURO
7inch (regular edition) = 4,00 EURO
7inch (special edition) = 7,00 EURO

(Distros/labels: if you wanna order more than 5 copies ask for wholesale-prices.)

If you wanna order just write a mail to the above mentioned mail-adress and I'll check about postage etc... Please note: I do all this as a hobby, so be patient if I don't answer immediately. I'll try my best :)