Dienstag, 10. Januar 2012

THH Records: More reviews from "High Heels Slut" Fanzine #11

I Remember How/Born On A Saturday Night (Timmeheiehumme / P Trash-7”)
RU Mental/Please Write (Dirtnap-7”)

Lotsa bands that embark on a tour together end up selling a split record between both of ’em. Very few bands though have two different split records for sale, and that’s quite exactly the fact with the Mean Jeans and White Wires. On the Timmeheiehumme/P Trash 45 both bands dive head first into a hit song by the other band. It doesn’t necessarily beat the original, but it gets a-movin’. The Dirtnap 45 have the Mean Jeans storming through “R U Mental”, a great tune that could have been a cover song of a Marked Men track that somehow fell off their debut album. Just to say it’s fucking great!! “Please Write” by the White Wires is a slower to mid tempo kinda power pop song that still has enough grit to please our dirty mind. Good song, but overall the Mean Jeans beat the Canucks though.

European Tour 2011 (P Trash/Timmeheiehumme-7”)

When both Canadian bands toured Europe earlier this year they brought along this piece o’ wax to their merch stand. Steve Adamyk Band sounds a lil’ rawer on these recordings than on their previous releases and it suits ‘em pretty well. Next to a neat original they also do a cool job on “Eternal Isolation” off the great Idle Hands debut 7”. More powerpop is to be found on the flip with the Sonic Avenues, though the stress is more on the pop here. Also one original and a cover for them (a Sweet Baby tune). Not bad, but I guess I’ll play this only when it’s around 30 °C outside. SAB gets my preference.

Sleeping With The Stereo On (Timmeheiehumme-7”)

Sleeping with the stereo on, well, that happens from time to time, though in my case it’s mostly with the TV on, but let’s not get into that. The Zygoteens hail from Milwaukee, WI and feature Jake from the great Gut Reactions on guitar. Zygoteens crank out some highly energetic, catchy punk tunes, bringing to mind the very first Manikins 7”. There’s also a constant Undertones feeling, that really surfaces in the opening riff of “Wait And See”. All of this shit was captured on tape in a powerful way by Bob Burns (from the Breakups). The label is by the way run by the guy from Corporate Rock Knock Out zine, so this guy is totally in the right shit. And thank god I’m not American to pronounce the name of his label correctly! But, what’s most important, this is a cool effort all over that for sure could cause some turmoil in the underground!

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