CRKO Fanzine #0 (SOLD OUT!)
Included the debut-7inch of the STEVE ADAMYK BAND
Published in February 2010!
Features articles about: New Bomb Turks, GHETTO WAYS, NOBUNNY, SEDATIVES, STEVE ADAMYK, Tina Luchessi, THE BLACK & WHITES, Douchemaster Records, Wau y los Arrrghs, The Love Boat, BATMAN & ROBIN, Something Fierce, RETURNABLES, Chuckamuck, Beach Patrol, Dan Melchior/Dan Melchior Und Das Menace, plus Tourdiaries, Reviews and lots more...
It's totally sold out, but you can read it on

CRKO Fanzine #1 (Still available, write a mail if you want one!) 
Includes the debut-7inch of GLOW KIT from Denmark
Published in Fall/Winter 2010!

Features articles about: THE DANISH MONSTER (big special on Danish Punkrock: past and present), Amdi Petersens Armé, Gorilla Angreb, FDH Records, Mean Jeans, Baby Shakes, The Montesas, The Statues (Euro-tourdiary), The Zygoteens, Sugar Stems, The Mighty Stef, A tribute to Jay Reatard, The Makeouts, Zodiac Killers, Squoodge Records, tons of reviews, some columns, another focus on Punkrock-food (dixigas bbQ sauce!) and some more blah blah blah...

CRKO Fanzine #2 (Still available, write a mail if you want one!)
Includes the "Radio Off" 7inch of the TOYOTAS
Published in Summer/Fall 2011!

Features articles about: CANADA-SPECIAL Part 1 (feat. NOMEANSNO, Ian Manhire and tons more), On Tour with: White Wires / Mean Jeans, Strange Attractor, Le Volume Etait Au Maximum, McRackins, Riverdales, Burger Records, Personal & The Pizzas, Bad Sports, Bobby Hussy (The Hussy / Kind Turkey Records), Ty Segall, Gonerfest 7, Megachurch, Terrible Feelings, Derby Dolls, Modern Pets, Cyanide Pills, Kidnappers, Sonic Surf City, Die Ersten Menschen, The Toyotas, plus columns, tons of reviews and the infamous Heavy-Metal-Rip-Out-Pages...