Donnerstag, 23. Dezember 2010

Sellergren-Punkrock from Sweden

Swedish nice-guy Magnus Sellergren posted some music on and YOU should have a listen! Full service on Uptempo-Punk'n'Roll, catchy Punkrock and sizzling oldschool Hardcore!

Magnus played in THE DIALTONES and THE PLASTIQUES and "Gå Vidare till Norrmalmstorg". Currently he is in SVARTA MARIA and he also did the super-neat cover-artwork for CRKO #1. If you wanna check out SVARTA MARIA go to:

Donnerstag, 16. Dezember 2010


Our handsome fellows from the STEVE ADAMYK BAND were invited to open for Screeching Weasel in Chicago on the closing night of their 25th anniversary weekend in May. It will be a a three night pop-punk extravaganza - Screeching Weasel will headline the first and third nights with the Riverdales in the middle slot. Other bands scheduled to appear include Teenage Bottlerocket, Zatopeks, Shot Baker, Chinese Telephones, Jetty Boys, Chixdiggit, Kepi Ghoulie, Kurt Baker, Sugar Stems, The Queers, The Manges, The Soviettes.

Sounds like a great event! Who pays my tickets?

More infos:

To all of you who don't remember. The first EP of the STEVE ADAMYK BAND came out with CRKO #0 and it was a killer (I have only a handful of copies left). And ... their new album on P.Trash is a killer, too!!! Oh, and the SUGAR STEMS are featured in the current issue, grrrreeeeaaaat band from the cool Milwaukee-scene!

Btw: a RIVERDALES interview will be featured in the upcoming CRKO #2. The new issue is scheduled for early 2011, more infos soon...

Freitag, 3. Dezember 2010

TIC TAC TOTALLY Download-Sampler

Aloha! Tic Tac Totally's got a great Download-comp on their page. 33 songs for FREE, yeehaw! Seems like it's already Christmas...

Go to and get it!