Freitag, 28. Januar 2011

SVARTA MARIA - new song

My pal Magnus Sellergren has done a little Youtube-thingy for a new song of his band SVARTA MARIA: cool SwedishHardcorepunk - enjoy!

Montag, 24. Januar 2011

CRKO #2 is coming!!!

CRKO #2 is coming, release-date somewhere around mid-March/early-April 2011! See topics below. If you wanna book advertising space or wanna send review material, get in touch NOW (just write a mail)!!!

Plus... there will be two new releases on THH Records in the next weeks, so watch out:

Topics CRKO Fanzine #2:
Big Canada-Special part 1: focus on Ottawa/Montreal (feat. Ian Manhire, Going Gaga Recs/White Wires, Montreal-Undercover-report, byline articles, lotsa Kanada-Bands interviewed: Le Volume Etait Au Maximum, McRackins, Nomeansno, Strange Attractor)
Furthermore: Bad Sports, Bobby Hussy/Kind Turkey Recs, Burger Records, Cyanide Pills, Kidnappers, Modern Pets, Riverdales, Sonic Surf City, Toyotas, Ty Segall, Derby Dolls, Terrible Feelings, Gonerfest 7 travelogue, tour-diary White Wires/Mean Jeans fall 2010, plus tons of Reviews and some columns...

Vinyl-7inch this time by: THE TOYOTAS
I'll lock myself in my review- and layout-dungeon for the next weeks. See ya!

Dienstag, 18. Januar 2011

ZYGOTEENS: Best Tracks of 2010 (Kind Turkey)

Bobby Hussy of THE HUSSY and Kind Turkey Records is a man of good taste and voted Milwaukee's THE ZYGOTEENS "Sleeping with the Stereo On" as one of his favourite tracks in 2010 on his Kind Turkey webpage ( Thanks dude! For all of you who don't know: Timmeheiehumme Records released the fabulous 4-track EP of THE ZYGOTEENS in late-summer 2010 and it's still a killer! If you wanna order it just drop a line. I think there are also a few left of the limited edition with silkscreened covers. GO FOR IT!!!

Here's what Bobby had to say:
Catchy as hell. It veers toward pop-punk at times, but I think the hard-edged production, tough guitars, rawness and sneer make it a lot more punk than pop. And punk CAN be catchy too, can’t it? Out on a brother label of P-Trash’s: Timmeheiehumme Records (Also home to the EXCELLENT Corporate Rock Knockout Zine). Yes, REALLY hard name to say, and even harder to spell.

Freitag, 14. Januar 2011

European Tour 2011: Steve Adamyk Band / Sonic Avenues

Happy new year to y'all!

THEY ARE COMING! Our friends from the STEVE ADAMYK BAND and SONIC AVENUES will tour Germany and Europe in spring 2011! Wowee, this will be so great!!! Find the tour-dates below. If they play somewhere near to you go and see them! If they don't play somewhere near, get in your car and drive you jerk (or die dumb)!

More great news: For that tour TIMMEHEIEHUMME RECORDS (that is us) and P.Trash will release a split-EP of both bands. I already listened to 3 of the 4 songs and they K-I-L-L!!! The EP will be ready for the tour, Dave (STEVE ADAMYK BAND) is working on the final mix while I'm writing this...

MORE great news: Both bands will play the headquarter-town of the CRKO zine: Minus-Rockcity Meppen! We'll see if we can erase that "Minus" out of the "Rockcity" that evening, haha. Damn, the date is sandwiched between Amsterdam and the mighty PIT's... But anything is possible, it will be April 1, time for April-fool tricks... The show will hopefully be the release-party for the newest issue of the CRKO Fanzine, too! I hope I have it all finished until then, it's kinda chaotic at the moment, but I think it's possible. Stay tuned for the first preview on CRKO #2 in the next days and weeks.

Oh, and maybe the Meppen-show will be the release-show for the tour-EP, too! Party double-feature!!! I know, I know... it's the next to last day of the tour, but we're only amateurs, haha...

21.03 - Mannheim, Germany - Juz
22.03 - Kassel, Germany - tba
23.03 - Berlin, Germany - Cortina Bob
24.03 - Prague, Czech - 007
25.03 - Leipzig, Germany - Zoro
26.03 - Graz, Austria - Musichouse
27.03 - Munich, Germany - Kafe Kult
28.03 - Karlsruhe, Germany - Alte Hackerei
29.03 - Cologne, Germany - Sonic Ballroom
30.03 - Paris, France - Bouillon Belge
31.03 - Kortrijk, Belgium - The Pits
01.04 - Meppen, Germany - J@M Center
02.04 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Occii