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CRKO Fanzine: Reviews from "High Heels Slut Fanzine" #11

Raving reviews on the CRKO Fanzine and the related 7inches by our friend Wim from Belgium. He finally made the issue 11 of his "High Heels Slut" Fanzine. Great read, you can buy it in our distro-list, too!

Being put together by a former Ox fanzine contributor this zine has all you’re looking for in a thrilling R’n’R zine. If you dig the bands we dig here at the HHS hq you’ll for sure get your kicks flipping through the pages of CRKO. New Bomb Turks, Mean Jeans, Zodiac Killers, Sedatives, Ghetto Ways, Wau Y Los Arrrghs, Gorilla Angreb, ... or labelwise FDH, Douchemaster and Squoodge, Bernd obviously benefits from a similar taste in music, which also shows from the extensive review section. Add to that the fact you’re dealing with a fat smoker on A4 size (72 pages for #0 and a whoppin’ 96 for #1!) that comes in great layout AND yet get a 7” with the zine (Steve Adamyk Band and Glow Kit, check the record reviews) and you’re in for a great deal all over. #0 still is half German/half English written, but from #1 it’s all in English, so anyone from anywhere should be able to enjoy this great effort. Oh, and each issue has a R’n’R related story on food, too. Laughed my ass off with “The European Tourfood Guide” in which Andy from Digger & The Pussycats judges the meals they were served while being on the road!! If you think HHS is cool – thanx a lot – there’s no way you can miss out on CRKO, as it’s even way more cool!

Speed It Up/20/20 (P Trash-7”) => comes with CRKO #0
Kapow! Bamm! (P Trash-LP)

I’m not really into people using their name for their band, but apart from that Steve Adamyk (also active in the Sedatives, just like 3/4 of the SAB) does a pretty cool deal. With his band he dishes up a pretty addictive, contagious set of powerpop that should get anyone into the Statues, Test Patterns or Marked Men get off his ass. The “Speed It Up” 7” came with the first issue of the CRKO zine and contains one song of the album and one exclusive track. The album takes off in a brilliant way with the great “I Fought For The USA” and keeps on pleasing with stuff like “Not For Too Long”, “I’ll Take You Anywhere” or “Your Only One”. If you’re into this kinda stuff you’d better pick this shit up before it gets outta print.

Television Too + 3 (P Trash-7”) => comes with CRKO #1

With just two issues the Corporate Rock Knock Out fanzine has already secured its place amongst our very fave current day zines. And the fact they feature a 7” with every issue only ads to my excitement. In Denmark there’s a lot of poppunk going on that really can’t hold my attention. I know the 20 Belows are doing great in the poppunk scene, but it really beats me. Glow Kit also has a poppy undertone, but the rollin’ bass and uptight drums make sure the energy level stays on a high without ending up cheesy. The record sleeve actually glows in the dark, but that’s something I only found out months later and by accident.

We Can’t Dance (P Trash-7”)
Radio Off (P Trash-7”) => comes with CRKO #2

After a killer album on P Trash these krauts are back again with two blistering 7”s. It’s uptight, nervous basic punkrawk that catches you like the very early days of the Marked Men or Manikins, hooked up with some raw Stiff Little Fingers riffs, like on the great “Kicks & Screams”. Fourteen inches, seven tracks. It will move your ass without sounding sugary or lame, I’ll tell you that!

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