Montag, 3. September 2012

THH Records - New Release: THH008/009 Digger & The Pussycats: Euro-tour-singles I + II 7"

THH008 Digger & The Pussycats: Euro-tour-single I 7"
Songs: "Better Listen Up Good" b/w "Nice To Your Body"
Euro-Tour-7inch (co-release with P.Trash Records)
Releasedate: September 2012
250 pieces blue vinyl (Timmeheiehumme edition)
350 pieces yellow vinyl (P.Trash edition)

THH009 Digger & The Pussycats: Euro-tour-single II 7"
Songs: "Real Hard Time" b/w "Hope You Don't Mind About Your Sister"
Euro-Tour-7inch (co-release with P.Trash Records)
Releasedate: September 2012
250 pieces green vinyl (Timmeheiehumme edition)
350 pieces red vinyl (P.Trash edition)

Price: 4,- Euro per copy for the Timmeheiehumme-editions (postage not included)
(If you have a distro please ask for wholesale-prices.)

Check the streamed songs and the Euro-tourdates at the end of this post!!!

If you need further info, here you get it:
DIGGER & THE PUSSYCATS is just a dumb-arse 2-piece rock and roll band who have aged considerably since their first P.Trash Record way back in 2005. Their waistlines and man-boobs have developed, but their music has not. They haven't tried to re-invent the wheel with these new tracks, but they're definitely DIGGER songs that could easily slip onto any of their previous albums/singles. If you like the band you'll like the songs. If you don't like them, then save your money for the next Timmeheiehumme release, which will probably be a whole lot better than these two singles.
What do the new songs sound like? Consider it rock and roll with a bit of shabang! Moronic lyrics feature in the two songs drummer Andy sings. The two songs that guitarist Sam sings have slightly more intelligent lyrics, but not by much. Lyrical subject matter includes being taught by your father how to seduce women in the same way that he seduced your mother / taking a trip to Italy and being fortunate enough to find yourself at a Bunga Bunga party at Berlusconi's house / following Jesus' wishes to do unto others' bodies as you would have them do unto your own body / having inappropriate relations with your best friend's sister and hoping the he'll still let you stay at his holiday house.
On the pic above you see the front cover for each of the two tour-7"s. When they sit side by side, you can see the words "digger" and "pussy" running through the artwork to make it join up like the puzzle!
The artwork was done by Vanessa Imberger and features Andy's daughter's Grandmother in a bikini on a motorbike holding up a dead snake that she killed with a shovel. True story. Now if that ain't Australian, I don't know what is? They're all Crocodile Hunters down here. DIGGER & THE PUSSYCATS is about to come over to Europe on tour too, so check out our dates below and have a beer with the guys at a show somewhere near you. And if you don't like them, you can come down and bash 'em in the toilets…but only if you buy both of these new records.
Check out DIGGER & THE PUSSYCATS on the mighty interweb, too:
And here are the tourdates:
06-09-2012: Münster (DE) @ Gleis 22 "Tour 7"es Release Party!!!"
07-09-2012: Amsterdam (NL) @ Pacific Parc
08-09-2012: Wolfsburg (DE) @ Sauna Klub
09-09-2012: Berlin (DE) @ Cortina Bob
10-09-2012: Leipzig (DE) @ Zoro
11-09-2012: Dresden (DE) @ Ostpol
12-09-2012: Tilburg (NL) @ Incubate
13-09-2012: Darmstadt (DE) @ Bessunger Knabenschule
14-09-2012: Karlsruhe (DE) @ Alte Hackerei
15-09-2012: Stuttgart (DE) @ Goldmarks
16-09-2012: Mannheim (DE) @ Blau
17-09-2012: Gent (BE) @ Cafe Video
18-09-2012: Cologne (DE) @ Sonic Ballroom
19-09-2012: Hamburg (DE) @ Hafenklang
20-09-2012: Groningen (NL) @ Vera
21-09-2012: Haarlem (NL) @ Patronaat
22-09-2012: Kortrijk (BE) @ De Pits
23-09-2012: Utrecht (NL) @ dBs

You can listen to the all the new songs here:

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