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THH Records - Releases THH000-THH002

I didn't really write much about the releases on my label Timmeheiehumme Records. But here you'll find some words on the releases so far. Infos on the new release will follow soon:

THH002 - Mean Jeans/White Wires: Eurotour 2010 7" (Split-EP)
Releasedate: Fall 2010 (This is a co-release with P.Trash Records.). Please note: This release is DIFFERENT from the split-EP on Dirtnap, that came out the same time.
Two of the best US/Canadian Punkrock-exports! Their superb longplayers made highscores on almost every Punkrock-playlist worldwide and for their Euro-tour they did the only right thing to do: they team up on one EP to cover each other! The retarded party-dudes of the MEAN JEANS took "I Remember How" from the WHITE WIRES and made an ultra-sharp smasher out of it! In return the WHITE WIRES (feat. Ian, Going Gaga Records, SEDATIVES) do a classy version of the MEAN JEANS tune "Born On A Saturday Night", 100% poppy SUPERCHARGER-style. Packed in a beautiful cartoon-artwork this is a true PARTY-RECORD! Listen and believe it!
Artwork by Bernd. There were limited special editions: a THH Records release edition and a P.Trash club-version. And yes... there are still a few copies left of the THH Records release edition. If you want one: only ONE per customer!
THH002 - Mean Jeans/White Wires: Regular edition (left) and THH Records release edition (right) with silkscreend cover-art.

THH001 - Zygoteens: Sleeping With The Stereo On 7"
Releasedate: Summer 2010. Four fantastic Powerpop/Punkrock songs on 45 rpm by this trio from Milwaukee/Wisconsin (feat. Members of GUT REACTIONS and PLEXI 3)!!! Catchy as hell and inspired by THE REAL KIDS, MODERN LOVERS, GIZMOS, DICTATORS and pure teenage folly! The songs of THE ZYGOTEENS are usually kind of fast, pretty loud, and only usually in-tune and on-beat. Under the layers of fuzz, snapped guitar strings and busted drum sticks are well crafted pop-songs that are surprisingly sincere and delivered in an immense outpouring of passion and energy. The songs represented on the "Sleeping With The Stereo On" EP are very autobiographical and cover all bases as to what the band is interested in: girls, sleeping, and watching TV. These songs have the right hooks to provide the soundtrack for your late-night summer dance parties AND the right lyrics if you can't make it to the party because you didn't wanna go outside so you just decide to fall asleep while watching TV ... OR if you're at the party and you see that girl you have a crush on in the arms of some other jerk. So whatever you're doing on Saturday night, these songs have got ya covered!
Artwork by Bernd. 400 copies pressed. There is also a small limited edition of 100 copies with a different silkscreen-artwork (silver on black cardboard). There are still a few copies left of the THH Records release edition. If you want one: only ONE per customer!
THH001 - Zygoteens: Regular edition (left) and limited silkscreen-edition (right).

THH000 - The Missing Shadows: Wrecked Emotions 7"
Releasedate: December 2008 (SOLD OUT). Punkrock from Osnabrück/Germany (pre-IDLE HANDS). This was a co-release with Hits Missing and Drugcontrol.
If you went nuts for the fantastic IDLE HANDS single in fall 2008 (the 500 copies sold out in something like five minutes) you better make sure to check out this baby! THE MISSING SHADOWS are Andi’s (IDLE HANDS bandleader) original band and they finally put out six great new songs on their brandnew “Wrecked Emotions” EP as an amazing follower to their highly appreciated LP on P.Trash Records (released in 2007). Hailing from the same scene as bands like PRESS GANG, DEAN DIRG, GRIZZLY ADAMS BAND or DUESENJAEGER, this one is another stepstone for the new wave of german underground Punkrock and Hardcore-bands! Tunes like “Burnout” or “Wrecked Emotions” will bite your ear better than Mike Tyson did! Wild and nervous oldschool-punkrock meets fine melodies, somewhere between ANGRY SAMOANS, WIPERS, HÜSKER DÜ and younger bands like AGGRAVATION, TOYOTAS or the aforementioned IDLE HANDS. Or as the band says: “Our Rock will fuck you!”
300 copies pressed. The THH version (100 copies) had a special extra-postcard. If you got one you are lucky, cuz the THH version is totally sold out! You may still get some from the band or from P.Trash Records...
THH000 - The Missing Shadows: THH Recs edition with postcard.

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