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THH Records - New Release: THH004 Terrible Feelings

THH004 - Terrible Feelings: Tied Up 7"
Releasedate: Spring 2011. TERRIBLE FEELINGS are four twenty-somethings from Sweden: Manuela sings, Anton plays guitar and sings, Willy plays bass and Andy plays drums. Together they play absolutely fantastic black angst-ridden power-pop and this is their debut-EP (they already did a superb 4-song-demo in early 2010)! Members of the TERRIBLE FEELINGS play/have played in various other bands and projects, some very cool, some not even good. The hometown of the TERRIBLE FEELINGS is Malmö, a world-famous city for cool Punkrock- and Hardcore-bands like FY FAN, SKITKIDS, HERÄTYS, HÅRDA TIDER, SISTA SEKUNDEN (Andy plays the guitar), DIPPER and SLÖA KNIVAR. The band TERRIBLE FEELINGS formed in the fall of 2009, and their basic impetus was to do something that was thoroughly thought through and set them apart from other punk bands in their town. The band once described their sound as »sorta DISCHARGE meets LOST SOUNDS mixed with surf-guitars and 80ies Swedish punkrock. Or something. It's very melodic.« Rob Seaton from Canada voted them »AMAZING!!!« when his band STATUES shared stage with them in Malmö. Guess what. .. he’s right! TERRIBLE FEELINGS will tour Germany and Europe in June 2011 and it’ll be huge!!!
Artwork by Terrible Feelings. 500 copies pressed, two-sided sleeve with lyrics, no special edition, just great music! The band played an acoustic set on record store day 2011 and already sold half of their copies. This thing is going fast ... and here's a video from that recordstore-acoustic-show:

THH004 - Terrible Feelings: Tied Up 7"

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