Freitag, 15. April 2011

MISS CHAIN & THE BROKEN HEELS european tour!!! ... and more...

Aaarrrgh, I know ... I'm a poor blogger. Just wanted to let you know that CRKO #2 is hard in the making (review-marathon) and I've got 2 new releases finished on Timmeheiehumme Records: the debut-EP by Malmö's TERRIBLE FEELINGS and the split-EP by Germany's Garage'n'Punkrock-monsters GOLDEN HELMETS and JIZZLOBBERS. More infos on those releases SOON (I promise)!

The most important news for this moment: the fantastic MISS CHAIN AND THE BROKEN HEELS will tour Europe. Here are the dates! Come out and don't forget your dancing-shoes. Yours truly will hopefully make it to the Münster-show:

Sat. 23 April - Amigdala, Trezzo Sull'Adda (Milano)
Sun. 24 April - Great Rangtengteng, Freiburg D
Mon. 25 April - Grenzwert Bar, Basel CH
Tue. 26 April - Ateneo Cultural Beleza Malandra. Bermeo ES
Wed. 27 April - Bar Páramo, Zaragoza ES
Thu. 28 April - Cafe Dam, Gijón ES
Fri. 29 April - Wurlitzer Ballroom, Madrid ES
Sat. 30 April - Loco Club, Valencia ES
Sun. 01 May - Moog, Barcelona ES
Mon. 02 May - Mudd Club, Strasbourg FR
Tue. 03 May - Dreikönigskeller, Frankfurt D
Wed. 04 May - Gleis22, Münster D
Thu. 05 May - White Trash, Berlin D
Fri. 06 May - Gun Club, Hamburg D
Sat. 07 May - Sonic Ballroom, Köln D

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