Mittwoch, 28. Dezember 2011

CRKO Fanzine #2: out ... since summer ^^ (incl. TOYOTAS 7inch)

Hey hey, since you know we are ULTRA-professional here at the CRKO Fanzine and THH Records headquarter, I noticed that I ... uhm ... forgot to post here, that there's a new CRKO Fanzine out since summer, haha!!! Well, it's never too late ... you know: CRKO Fanzine is still Numero Uno and due to the fact that the music-business will be even more fucked up in 2012 than ever, here's your last chance to grab one of the zines and smell the taste of times when everything was at least halfway okay. Or somethting like that, bla bla ... Here's whatcha get:

Corporate Rock Knockout #2 (incl. TOYOTAS - Radio Off 7")
As always you get a hi-quality vinyl-7inch with the zine, this time the new TOYOTAS single "Radio Off!" You can listen to a 7inch-snippet here. The zine itself has 80 pages of useless crap like the big CRKO-Canada-Special part 1 (focus on Ottawa/Montreal feat. Ian Manhire, Going Gaga Recs/White Wires, a Montreal-Undercover-report, Nomeansno), lotsa Canadian bands interviewed: Le Volume Etait Au Maximum, McRackins, Strange Attractor... Furthermore: Bad Sports, Bobby Hussy/Kind Turkey Recs, Burger Records, Cyanide Pills, Kidnappers, Modern Pets, Riverdales, Sonic Surf City, Toyotas, Ty Segall, Derby Dolls, Terrible Feelings, Gonerfest 7 travelogue, tour-diary White Wires/Mean Jeans fall 2010, plus tons of reviews and other stuff...

Send a mail and order it for 9,- Euros (postage not included). If you wanna have it, take a look at our distro-list, too. I can pack cool records with the zine for ya!

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