Dienstag, 18. Januar 2011

ZYGOTEENS: Best Tracks of 2010 (Kind Turkey)

Bobby Hussy of THE HUSSY and Kind Turkey Records is a man of good taste and voted Milwaukee's THE ZYGOTEENS "Sleeping with the Stereo On" as one of his favourite tracks in 2010 on his Kind Turkey webpage (http://www.kindturkey.com/). Thanks dude! For all of you who don't know: Timmeheiehumme Records released the fabulous 4-track EP of THE ZYGOTEENS in late-summer 2010 and it's still a killer! If you wanna order it just drop a line. I think there are also a few left of the limited edition with silkscreened covers. GO FOR IT!!!

Here's what Bobby had to say:
Catchy as hell. It veers toward pop-punk at times, but I think the hard-edged production, tough guitars, rawness and sneer make it a lot more punk than pop. And punk CAN be catchy too, can’t it? Out on a brother label of P-Trash’s: Timmeheiehumme Records (Also home to the EXCELLENT Corporate Rock Knockout Zine). Yes, REALLY hard name to say, and even harder to spell.

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