Sonntag, 24. Oktober 2010

FINALLY: The newest on the CRKO Zine and THH Records

Okee-dookeee kiddos! Finally I've got something different than stoopid MySpace to post the newest stuff going on, considering the CRKO Fanzine (aka "Corporate Rock Knockout") and my little recordlabel THH Records (aka "Timmeheiehumme").

This is the first post here, so I'll only inform you of the most important thing right now:
the new CRKO Fanzine #1 is OUT NOW!!!

The nice cover-art was done by Magnus Sellergren!

Like the last issue (CRKO #0 in March 2010, plus 7" by the STEVE ADAMYK BAND) the zine comes with a vinyl-EP of the awesome Danish Powerpoppunkrockers GLOW KIT (from Aarhus)!!! Zine and EP are limited to 600 copies! Check out GLOW KIT!

This is what you'll find in the zine:
The Dænish Mønster (A big special on Danish Punkrock: past and present)
Interviews and articles with/about: Amdi Petersens Armé, Gorilla Angreb, FDH Records, Mean Jeans, Baby Shakes, The Montesas, Statues (Euro-tourdiary Pt. 1), The Zygoteens, Sugar Stems, The Mighty Stef, A tribute to Jay Reatard, The Makeouts, Zodiac Killers, Squoodge Records...
Plus tons of reviews, some columns, another focus on Punkrock-food (Dixigas BBQ Sauce!) and some more blah blah blah...

All international distro by P.Trash Records!
There are a lot of other things going on at the moment, so I'll try to update this blog on a regular basis. The latest news for THH Records are:

THH000 - THE MISSING SHADOWS: Wrecked Emotions 7" (special THH-postcard-edition) SOLD OUT!
THH001 - THE ZYGOTEENS: Sleeping With The Stereo On 7" (reg. edt. 400 copies, ltd. edt. 100 copies silkscreen cover silver on black cardboard) AVAILABLE
THH002 - MEAN JEANS / WHITE WIRES: Euro-tour-split-7" (Co-Release with P.Trash) SOLD OUT!

About the MEAN JEANS / WHITE WIRES 7": P.Trash Records and THH Records plan a special 2nd press, with some beautiful gimmicks, keep your eyes open for that one.

All the THH Recs stuff is distroed by P.Trash Records and there are more cool releases to come!!!

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